Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Residual Stress of Selective Laser Melted AlSi10Mg

  • Miaoxian GuoEmail author
  • Yi Ye
  • Xiaohui Jiang
  • Lianfeng Wang


AlSi10Mg processed by selective laser melting (SLM) is common in various industries because of its complex structure and high performance. The microstructure, residual stress and mechanical properties restrict its application, while they are affected by the scanning path type and preheating temperature. In this work, to investigate the properties of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg alloys and gain better performance results, the microstructure and mechanical tests are performed at several preheating temperatures based on the uniformity and chessboard scanning strategy. It is found that the selective laser melted AlSi10Mg parts fabricated in the chessboard scanning path have better mechanical properties than those fabricated in the uniformity scanning path. Furthermore, a higher preheating temperature can induce less residual stress due to the enhanced Al crystal faces. Finally, analyses of the microstructures, mechanical and residual stress provide a valuable suggestion that the combination of the range of preheating temperature and the scanning path can improve the performance of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg.


AlSi10Mg mechanical properties microstructure residual stress selective laser melting 



The authors would like to acknowledge the support of Shanghai Sailing Program (No. 18YF1418400).


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