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Hot Corrosion Behavior of Ni20Cr Alloy in NaVO3 Molten Salt

  • P. D. Silva-Leon
  • O. Sotelo-MazonEmail author
  • G. Salinas-Solano
  • J. Porcayo-Calderon
  • J. G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  • S. Valdez
  • L. Martinez-Gomez


The hot corrosion behavior of Ni20Cr alloy was evaluated in NaVO3 at temperatures of up to 700 °C and compared to Inconel 600. The performance of both the alloys was evaluated using electrochemical measurements, such as potentiodynamic polarization, linear polarization resistance, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements, as well as a cyclic corrosion test. The results show that the Ni20Cr alloy has better corrosion performance than the Inconel 600. The better performance of the Ni20Cr alloy was due to its ability to develop a stable protector oxide (Cr2O3) on its surface.


cyclic corrosion electrochemical techniques hot corrosion Ni20Cr alloy oxide 



O. Sotelo-Mazon is thankful to the postdoctoral fellowship DGAPA-UNAM. Jose Juan Ramos Hernandez is thanked for the support in the electron microscopy analysis.


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  • O. Sotelo-Mazon
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  • G. Salinas-Solano
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  • J. Porcayo-Calderon
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  • J. G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
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  • S. Valdez
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