Hot Deformation Behavior and Processing Maps of As-Cast Hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg Alloy

  • Zhenglong Liang
  • Qi ZhangEmail author
  • Liqun Niu
  • Wei Luo


The hot deformation behavior of as-cast hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg alloy has been investigated through hot compression tests at temperatures between 573 and 773 K and the strain rate of 0.001-1 s−1. A modified Hansel-Spittel constitutive model is proposed, which takes the effect of strain rate on strain hardening into account. The processing maps are established based on the dynamic material model and the Murty criterion. Microstructure observations show that dynamic recovery dominates the dynamic softening behavior, and recrystallized grains are found in the sample tested at 773 K with strain rate of 0.01 and 0.001 s−1. The size of Si particles decreases by about 64.73% with the effective strain increasing from 0 to 1.2. The optimal hot processing parameters of as-cast hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg alloy are established based on the processing maps.


dynamic recovery Hansel-Spittel model hot deformation behavior hypoeutectic Al-Si-Mg alloy processing maps 



The authors are grateful for the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project Number: 51875441). We also thank Mr Zijun Ren at Instrument Analysis Center of Xi’an Jiaotong University for his assistance with EBSD operation.


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