Investigating Additively Manufactured 17-4 PH for Structural Applications

  • Devin E. BurnsEmail author
  • Andelle Kudzal
  • Brandon McWilliams
  • Juan Manjarres
  • Doug Hedges
  • Peter A. Parker


This study takes a benchmarking approach to the processing of 17-4 PH using selective laser melting by having two facilities that use their own best practices to process materials. Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is used by both facilities as part of the thermomechanical processing following printing to explore whether it can improve the consistency of mechanical properties. Results revealed that HIP reduced average porosity of 17-4 parts and that the yield strength of parts following solutionization and aging met wrought material property targets. Strain to failure of one of the facilities parts was less than 5% compared to greater than 9% for the other facility. Inspection of failure surfaces revealed this discrepancy was caused by pores (2-4% area fraction) on the failure surfaces of the low ductility parts. These results are viewed with respect to the intended application of this material as a structural element for wind tunnel testing.


additive manufacturing hot isostatic pressing heat treatment precipitation hardened steel 17-4 stainless steel 



This work was supported by NASA’s Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities (AETC) Project. Thanks to Clara Mock at the Army Research Laboratory for performing the x-ray computed tomography work.


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