Study of Thermomechanical Behavior of Zirconium-0.3 Tin Alloy

  • S. K. Jha
  • Saurabh DixitEmail author
  • Dinesh Srivastava


Zirconium-based alloys are used in the manufacturing of nuclear fuel tubes. These tubes need to be clad with zirconium-tin (Zr-0.3 wt.% Sn) alloy to enhance the lives of tubes. Manufacturing of such clad tubes is a challenging task, due to work hardening and dynamic softening phenomenon. In this study, hot deformation behavior of Zr-0.3Sn alloy is investigated at different temperatures and strain rates. It is found that fully recrystallized microstructure can be obtained by working at around 900 °C and high strain rate of 10 s−1. Further, constitutive equations are developed for the entire domain of deformation range and fitted into standard FEM-based simulation model for extrusion. The simulation results are validated with experimental data. The difference in flow stresses values obtained from numerical and experimental methods was around 14%.


hot deformation processing maps Zr-Sn alloy 



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