The 73rd World Foundry Congress

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Under the auspices of the World Foundry Congress, sponsored by the World Foundry Organization (WFO) and Polish Foundrymen’s Association, and held at Krakow, Poland, September 23–27, 2018, a number of symposia and technical sessions were conducted with presentations and participation by over 800 registered professionals from 42 countries, including a large number of young scientists and engineers.

The Congress is the premier flagship event of WFO, which was formed over 90 years ago and currently serves member associations of over 30 countries and represents over 90% of the total tonnage of cast metals.

The authors of scientific and technical presentations that were approved by the Scientific Committee had the opportunity to submit expanded versions of their conference papers to one of the following six scientific and technical journals for peer review and possible publication: International Journal of Metalcasting, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, Archives of Foundry Engineering, Foundry Trade Journal, Journal of Casting & Materials Engineering, and Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance.

This special issue of Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance contains 26 papers selected by the WFC Scientific Committee that were submitted to JMEP and approved for publication following peer review and revision in full compliance with the editorial and review policies followed for regular submissions to JMEP.

We thank all authors and reviewers for their valuable contribution to the special issue. A note of appreciation is due to ASM’s Mary Anne Fleming, Kate Doman, and Vince Katona for their extensive support and help with the preparation of this special issue.

We dedicate this special issue to the memory of Prof. Józef Suchy, Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 73rd WFC, Honorary President of the Polish Foundrymen’s Association, former President of the World Foundry Organization, and Professor of AGH University of Science and Technology, whose untimely demise shortly after the conclusion of the 73rd WFC has been a great loss to the foundry industry and science.


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  1. 1.Chair, International Scientific Committee of 73rd WFC, Head of the Center for High-Temperature StudiesFoundry Research InstituteKrakowPoland
  2. 2.Vice-Chair, International Scientific Committee of 73rd WFCProfessor, University of Wisconsin-StoutMenomonieUSA

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