Manufacturing of a Metal Matrix Composite Coating on a Polymer Matrix Composite Through Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Technique

  • Alessia Serena Perna
  • Antonio Viscusi
  • Antonello AstaritaEmail author
  • Luca Boccarusso
  • Luigi Carrino
  • Massimo Durante
  • Raffaele Sansone


In this work, the manufacturing through cold gas dynamic spray (cold spray or CS) of metallic composite coatings of Al-Al2O3 on organic composite substrates with thermoplastic PLA matrix and hemp fibers was studied. Alumina powders, with a mean diameter of 50 μm, were used blended with aluminum powders in three different weight concentration percentages (0, 15, 20, and 45%) as feedstock material in order to highlight and discuss the variations of the coating surface properties depending on the alumina percentage. The coatings were produced by using a low-pressure cold spray equipment. A detailed experimental campaign, including microstructural observations and confocal microscopy, was carried out to study the structure of the coatings. Moreover, the tribological behavior of the coatings was studied through both scratch test and pin-on-disk test. The experiments showed that a small addition of alumina improves the compactness of the coating and its resistance to scratch and wear behavior.


alumina aluminum powder ceramics cold spray hemp metal matrix composite natural fiber composite 



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  • Antonio Viscusi
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  • Antonello Astarita
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    Email author
  • Luca Boccarusso
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  • Luigi Carrino
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  • Massimo Durante
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  • Raffaele Sansone
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  2. 2.Sophia High Tech s.r.lSant’Anastasia, NaplesItaly

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