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Influence of Ca and Sr Addition on Impression Creep Behavior of Mg-4Al-RE Alloy

  • Yaocheng ZhangEmail author
  • Li Yang
  • Chenglin Ge
  • Song Pang
  • Xiaopin Wang
  • Zhiwei Zhang
  • Zhaoxia Han


The impression creep behavior of Mg-4Al-RE-0.8Ca-0.2Sr (AEXJ4110) alloy was investigated under the applied stresses of 55, 75, 95 MPa and the temperatures of 398, 423, 448 K on a special apparatus. The results showed that the microstructure of AEXJ4110 alloy consisted of acicular Al11La3, granular Al2La, bone shape Al2Ca and fish-bone shape Al4Sr. The impression creep resistance of AE41 alloy was improved by adding Ca and Sr. The primary impression creep depth of AEXJ4110 alloy was increased with increasing applied stress and temperature. The creep strain rates of AEXJ4110 alloy under different stresses and temperatures were a power function of time. The constitutive equation of steady-state impression creep for AEXJ4110 alloy can be written as \(\dot{\varepsilon }_{\text{s}} = 9.71 \times 10^{ - 3} (E/T)(\sigma /E)^{4.3} \exp (( - 100.449 + 3368.98(\sigma /E))/RT)\) with stress exponent n 4.3 and creep activation energy Qc about 100.449 kJ/mol. The impression creep mechanism of AEXJ4110 alloy in the temperature range of 398-448 K and stress range of 55-95 MPa is controlled by dislocation climb dominated by self-diffusion of magnesium atoms impeded by the precipitated phases with high melting temperatures.


creep mechanism creep resistance impression creep magnesium alloy 



This research was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51401037, 51601172, 51865006).


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  • Chenglin Ge
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  2. 2.Ningbo Branch of China Ordnance Science InstituteNingboChina
  3. 3.Inner Mongolia Metal Material Research InstituteBaotouChina
  4. 4.Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., LTD.BaotouChina

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