Influence of Cell Anisotropy and Relative Density on Compressive Deformation Responses of LM13-Cenosphere Hybrid Foam

  • Shyam BirlaEmail author
  • D. P. Mondal
  • S. Das
  • Anurag Kulshrestha
  • S. L. Ahirwar
  • A. N. Ch. Venkat
  • Rajeev Kumar


This article deals with closed-cell aluminum alloy LM13-cenosphere hybrid foams (ACHFs) with cell anisotropy prepared through stir casing technique. The compressive deformation behavior of hybrid foams in both transverse and longitudinal directions was measured at a strain rate of 0.01/s. The hybrid foam loaded in longitudinal direction (LD) shows higher plastic collapse stress than that in transverse direction (TD). The stress drop ratio is also observed to be higher in the LD. The plastic collapse stress and energy absorption capacity of ACHFs follow the power law relationship with relative density in both the directions. The plateau stress is higher in case of LD and densification strains are marginally higher in case of LD than that in TD.


Al-cenosphere hybrid foam cell anisotropy compressive deformation relative density 


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  • S. Das
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  • Anurag Kulshrestha
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  • S. L. Ahirwar
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