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Topological Insulator \(\hbox {Bi}_{2}\hbox {Se}_{3}\) Films on Silicon Substrates

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We have employed atomic layer deposition to produce uniform films of \(\hbox {Bi}_{2}\hbox {Se}_{3}\), which is a 3D topological insulator (TI), over 5 cm \(\times \) 5  cm \(\hbox {SiO}_{2}\)-coated Si substrates. The crystalline properties of the films were characterized via Raman spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, cross-sectional transmission microscopy, and atomic force microscopy, which confirmed the high quality of the films. The TI properties were examined using Hall bridge structures and recording magnetoresistance at 1.9 K. A weak anti-localization effect was observed at low field, from which a phase coherent length of 242 nm and prefactor \(\alpha \) value of 1 were determined, indicating desirable topological properties. This approach for film growth provides a path for integrating a 3D topological insulator with silicon integrated circuit technology.

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  • Bismuth selenide
  • ALD growth
  • topological insulator
  • weak anti-localization