Synthesis and Characterization of LiCrO2 Thin Films As Potential Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

  • H. I. ElsaeedyEmail author


Production of effective and inexpensive new material used as a cathode for lithium ion batteries is the main topic of this study. Thin films of lithium chromium oxide (LiCrO2) were grown onto a glass substrate by spray pyrolysis using a chemical solution containing lithium acetate Li (CH3COO)2 and chromium trioxide (Cr2O3) as precursors. The depositions occurred in the substrate temperature range of 350°C. The investigation of the x-ray diffraction of the LiCrO2 thin films was displayed to be polycrystalline with a rhombohedral structure. The linear optical parameters, represented in the refractive index, energy gap and absorption coefficient of the LiCrO2 thin films were estimated via the transmittance and reflectance measurements. In the linear optical studies, the evaluated direct energy gaps of the LiCrO2 thin films could be observed decreased by increasing the film thickness. The dispersion refractive index data of the LiCrO2 thin films were analyzed according to the single oscillator model to evaluate the dispersion parameters including the dispersion energy, the optical dielectric constant and the oscillator energy. The nonlinear optical constants of the LiCrO2 thin films were calculated.


Lithium chromium oxide spray pyrolysis technique x-ray diffraction dispersion parameters third-order nonlinear susceptibility 


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  1. 1.Advanced Functional Materials and Optoelectronic Laboratory (AFMOL), Department of Physics, Faculty of ScienceKing Khalid UniversityAbhaSaudi Arabia

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