Carbon Derived from Sucrose as Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Rahul KumarEmail author
  • K. Anish Raj
  • Sagar Mita
  • Parag Bhargava


Carbon materials are used as anode material in lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) due to their promising cyclic performance and high protection. Carbon material was produced by sucrose at high temperature in flowing argon. Carbon material was used as anode material in LiBs and exhibited the reversible capacity of 180 mA h/g at a specific current of 135 mA/g even at 100 charge–discharge cycles. Carbon material also exhibited the discharge capacity of 118 mA h/g after the 50th cycle and indicates the ∼ 93% capacity retention of the cell after the 50th cycle.


Carbon material carbonization lithium-ion batteries cycle stability 


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The authors are grateful to SAIF and NCPRE IIT Bombay.


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  • K. Anish Raj
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  • Sagar Mita
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  1. 1.National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE)Indian Institute of Technology BombayMumbaiIndia
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  3. 3.Department of Energy Science and EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology BombayMumbaiIndia

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