On Investigations of the Optical Absorption Coefficient of Gold and Germanium Implanted Silicon with the Use of the Non-destructive Contactless Photo Thermal Infrared Radiometry

  • Ł. ChrobakEmail author
  • M. Maliński
Open Access


In this paper results of investigations of Au2+ and Ge+ ion-implanted silicon samples with the use of the nondestructive frequency and the space domain photo thermal infrared radiometry (PTR) method are presented. Frequency amplitude characteristics and spatial amplitude distributions of the PTR signal for the implanted silicon samples were measured and analyzed. Measurements have been performed for several wavelengths of the exciting light. The dependence of the amplitude of the PTR signal on the optical and recombination parameters of the implanted layers has been analyzed experimentally and theoretically and discussed. The objective of this work is to present the possibilities of investigations of the influence of the high energy and high dose implantation process into silicon on the optical and recombination parameters of implanted silicon with the use of the frequency and spatial domain PTR method. Observed changes in the measured signal have been explained by simultaneous changes of values of the optical absorption coefficient and carriers lifetime of implanted layers.


Ion implanted silicon nondestructive optical characterization optical absorption coefficient photo thermal infrared radiometry technique implanted areas imaging 



We thank Dr. Nadezhda Kukharchyk for preparation of the silicon implanted samples.


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