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Effect of Zinc Addition on the Microstructure, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Indium-Tin-xZinc Alloys

  • Jingze WangEmail author
  • Dongxin Mao
  • Lei Shi
  • Wei Zhang
  • Xiaohua Zhang


The effect of different Zn content on the microstructure, thermal and mechanical properties of In-Sn-xZn alloys was investigated. The microstructure of the alloys was analyzed by optical microscopy, x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy. The results indicated that the alloys consisted of β, γ and Zn phases. The γ phase was generated from the decomposed supersaturation β phase in the peritectic structure, with less than 2.0 wt.% Zn content, characterized by a 120°C phase transition temperature. And a close mutual lattice relation was maintained between β and γ phases. The alloys, with Zn content from 3.0 wt.% to 6.0 wt.% and a melting point at 108°C, had an eutectic structure. Studies indicated that the morphology and distribution of the Zn phases were significantly affected by the β phase. The primary Zn tended to grow along the vertical crystal orientations and to form a cube-shaped block in the β phase. Other Zn existed in the form of a precipitate particle phase in the β phase. Most of Zn was excluded from the γ phase region, which had an effect on the phase boundary of β/γ. And the phase relationship between γ and β in In-Sn-4Zn is [01\( \bar{1} \)]γ//[\( \bar{1} \)21]β,(111)γ//(210)β. The performance of the material was significantly enhanced by Zn. When Zn content was 6.0 wt.%, microhardness and elongation of the material were increased by about 160% and 100% respectively, compared with those of In-49Sn-1Zn. Under coupling of the melting interval and the hard phase, the wetting performance of the alloy decreased as the Zn content increased. And the increase of Zn content in the solder made the diffusion distance of Cu longer, which promoted the growth of intermetallic compound (IMC).


In-Sn-Zn microstructure thermal properties mechanical properties 


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In this work, the authors would like to thank Professor Pan and Professor Liu at the Center for Material Analysis and Testing, who provided the experimental help. Financial support was provided by the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province of the Research E201447 and Science and Technology Research Project of Education Department of Heilongjiang Province of the Research 11521047.


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  • Jingze Wang
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  • Dongxin Mao
    • 1
  • Lei Shi
    • 1
  • Wei Zhang
    • 1
  • Xiaohua Zhang
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  1. 1.School of Materials Science and EngineeringHarbin University of Science and TechnologyHarbinChina

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