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Capacitance–Resistive PEDOT:PSS Cotton Fabric Satisfied Jonscher’s Law with Index Exceeding One

  • Fahad Alhashmi AlamerEmail author


Jonscher’s law is investigated in the context of PEDOT:PSS impregnated conductive cotton fabric for frequencies from 10 Hz to 13 MHz and temperatures from 30°C to 100°C using complex impedance spectroscopy. The drop-casting and drying method was used to prepare samples of conductive cotton fabric with low and high concentrations of dopant. Argand plots of the ratio of AC–DC conductivities of the conductive fabric demonstrated the presence of reactance at high frequencies at each concentration of dopant. Regression analysis demonstrated that Jonscher’s power law was obeyed over a significant range of high frequencies. The hopping frequency and Jonscher index are found to depend on the concentration of dopant, but are insensitive to temperature over the range used in this study. By contrast with numerous experimental studies reporting that the Jonscher index is less than one, this experimental investigation found that Jonscher’s index exceeded one. We further investigated whether or not the hopping frequency identified by regression corresponded to a natural frequency arising in the Argand plot of the complex conductivity ratio. Considerations of curvature and phase angle identified two candidate frequencies, but neither was close to the hopping frequency identified by regression.


Cotton capacitance conductivity regression Argand 

List of symbols

\(\sigma _{\mathrm{AC}}\)

AC electrical conductivity

\(\omega \)

Angular frequency


Electrical impedance


Imaginary part of impedance

\(\sigma _{\mathrm{I}}\)

Imaginary part of AC conductivity


Jonscher’s power


Size of data set


Gradient of regression line

\(\mu _x\)

Mean value of x data

\(\sigma _{xx}\)

Variance of x data

\(\sigma _{xy}\)

Covariance of x and y data

\(R^2_{\mathrm {adj}}\)

Quality of fit adjusted for sample size


Root mean squared integrated mean error

\(\sigma _{\mathrm{DC}}\)

DC electrical conductivity

\(\omega _c\)

Hopping frequency


Real part of impedance

\(\sigma _{\mathrm{R}}\)

Real part of AC conductivity


Constant parameter

\(\Phi (a,b)\)

Least squared target function


Intercept on x-axis and its estimate


Estimate of gradient of regression line

\(\mu _y\)

Mean value of y data

\(\sigma _{yy}\)

Variance of y data


Measures quality of fit of regression


Average integrated mean error

\(\varepsilon \)

Arbitrary small parameter


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The author thanks Umm AL-Qura University for their support of this work.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Physics, Faculty of Applied ScienceUmm AL-Qura UniversityMakkahSaudi Arabia

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