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, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 1686–1693 | Cite as

Fascinating Physical Properties of 2D Hybrid Perovskite [(NH3)(CH2)7(NH3)]CuClxBr4−x, x = 0, 2 and 4

  • Seham K. Abdel-AalEmail author
  • Ahmed S. Abdel-RahmanEmail author


The 2-D organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites of the formula [(NH3)(CH2)7(NH3)]CuClxBr4−x, x = 0, 2 and 4 were prepared by slow evaporation from ethanolic solution in stoichiometric ratio 1:1 (organic/inorganic). Microchemical analysis and x-ray diffraction (XRD) were used to confirm the formation of the presently investigated hybrids. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) indicated order–disorder transitions at T1 = 357 K, T2 = 388 K, and T3 = 398 K for x = 0, 2 and 4 of the three heptain diammonium Cu hybrid perovskites, respectively. These transitions are in good agreement with the electrical permittivity results at different frequencies and temperatures. Optical properties and estimated band gap energy reveal that the band gap energy decreases sharply with replacement of Cl ion by Br ion where the band gap energy of [(NH3)(CH2)7(NH3)]CuBr4, x = 0 (denoted 2C7CuBr) is 1.6 eV (brown color) and for [(NH3)(CH2)7(NH3)]CuCl4, x = 4 (denoted 2C7CuCl) is 2.6 eV (yellow color). The differential magnetic susceptibility of 2C7CuBr in the temperature range 80–300 K indicates the effective magnetic moment μeff = 2.05 BM.


2D hybrid perovskite optical properties of halide perovskite phase transition magnetic properties of Cu perovskite 


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The authors are grateful to the financial Support of Cairo University, Electromagnetic Lab. Members (Mohga F., Shimaa S., Ahmed K.), and Polymer Technology Lab. Members (Amin S., Hamdy O.). This work has been done at the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Optical properties were measured at Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, Tibeen, Egypt.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Physics Department, Faculty of ScienceCairo UniversityGizaEgypt
  2. 2.Egypt Nano-Technology Center EGNCCairo University Campus in Shikh Zayed CityGizaEgypt

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