Effects of Prior Austenite Grain Size on Hydrogen Delayed Fracture of Hot-Stamped Boron Martensitic Steel

  • Hye-Jin KimEmail author


Understanding the hydrogen delayed fracture requires elucidating the interaction of relevant cracks based on the microstructural features. The microstructural features of a hydrogen delayed fracture were studied for martensitic steel under different soaking times and prior austenite grain sizes based on the furnace temperature. A considerable correlation is investigated between the coarseness of the austenite grain and degree of susceptibility on a hydrogen delayed fracture. The deterioration of hydrogen delayed fracture is attributed to reversible hydrogen in the microstructure sites with a low trapping energy weakening the grain boundary and rapidly propagating the crack initiation.



This work was carried out at the Hyundai-Steel Research and Development Center of the Republic of Korea.


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  1. 1.Steel Application Engineering TeamTechnical Research CenterChungnamSouth Korea

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