Magnetic Transformations and Phase Diagrams

  • David E. LaughlinEmail author
2017 Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecture of ASM International


David E. Laughlin

When magnetic phases are included on phase diagrams some unfamiliar features appear. Most magnetic transformations are not first-order phase transformations and therefore their depictions on phase diagrams do not have to follow the well-known construction requirements such as those based on the Gibbs Equilibrium Phase Rule. In particular, the transformation from a paramagnetic to ferromagnetic phase should be designated differently than those of the more widely known first-order transformations. The transformation curve (Curie curve) does not display a two-phase equilibrium: rather it shows the limit of stability of the disordered (paramagnetic) phase. In this paper, various examples of phase diagrams which include such transformations will be presented and discussed. The role of externally applied magnetic fields will be presented based on fundamental thermodynamic principles and the role that applied magnetic fields play in changing the degrees of freedom of systems (alloys) will be discussed.



I am very grateful to ASM International for the honor of naming me as the 2017 Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecturer. I am thankful to my colleagues Professors William A. Soffa, T. B. Massalski, M. E. McHenry, and G-J Zhu for the many conversations on magnetic phase equilibria. Professor Soffa is also thanked for his helpful comments (and correction!) on an early draft of the paper. The many students in my graduate classes Magnetic Materials, Thermodynamics, and Phase Transformations of Materials over the past few decades have stimulated my thinking on this topic. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is also thanked for continued support over the last several decades. Currently, Michael McHenry and I are supported through Grant DMR-1709247.


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