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Discussion of “Effects of Cr Reduction on High-Temperature Strength of High-Ni Austenitic Cast Steels Used for High-Performance Turbo-chargers”

  • Delin LiEmail author

There is a wide spectrum of cast ferrous heat-resistant alloys available for automotive exhaust component applications such as exhaust manifolds and turbocharger housings. These ferrous alloys can be divided into four groups including: (1) ferritic high-silicon cast iron, e.g., SiMo per ASTM A1095, (2) austenitic high nickel iron (commonly referred to as Ni-resist), e.g., D2S per ASTM A439, (3) ferritic stainless steel, e.g., CB30 per ASTM A743, and (4) austenitic stainless steel, e.g., HK, HH, and HF per ASTM A297. In the 1990s, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) extensively documented the four groups of alloys in regard to chemistry, microstructure, castability, machinability, as well as thermophysical, mechanical, and temperature limits.[1,2] For the most demanding applications requiring higher elevated temperature creep rupture, fatigue, and oxidation resistance, austenitic stainless steels can be selected.

Standard[3,4] and nonstandard[5,6] stainless steels may be simply...


Wescast permission of publishing the industrial R&D work is acknowledged and greatly appreciated. Thanks to Dr. M. Kozdras for his review and valuable suggestions.


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