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Design and Analysis of a Single-Stage Transonic Centrifugal Turbine for organic Rankine cycle (ORC)

  • Naian Wang
  • Xiaojin Sun
  • Diangui HuangEmail author


The recovery of low temperature heat sources is a hot topic in the world. The ORC system can effectively use the low temperature heat source. As its main output device, the performance of the turbine is very important. The single stage transonic turbine has the characteristics of small size and large output power. In this paper, the complete design process of a transonic centrifugal turbine with R245fa in low working temperature condition is introduced. At the design conditions, the shaft power and the wheel efficiency of the centrifugal turbine can reach 1.12 MW and 83.61%, respectively. In addition, a thermodynamic ORC cycle is presented and the off-design conditions of the turbine and its influence on the system are studied in detail. The results obtained in the present work show that the single-stage transonic centrifugal turbine can be regarded as a potential choice to be applied in small scale ORC systems.


ORC transonic centrifugal turbine design and off-design operating conditions performance analysis computational fluid dynamics 


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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51536006) and supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee with Grant No.17060502300.


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  1. 1.School of Energy and Power EngineeringUniversity of Shanghai for Science and technologyShanghaiChina

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