Long noncoding RNA HOXC-AS3 facilitates the progression of invasive mucinous adenocarcinomas of the lung via modulating FUS/FOXM1


Invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma of the lung (IMA), a mucinous variant of lung adenocarcinoma, is strongly linked with a worse prognosis. Therefore, a deeper understanding about its molecular mechanism may conduce to a promising IMA therapy. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have recently caught great attention for their crucial roles in diverse diseases regarding tumor initiation and progression. However, the potential role of the lncRNA HOXC-AS3 IMA is not well established. Hence, the purpose of present study is to manifest HOXC-AS3-regulated inner mechanism in IMA development. It revealed that HOXC-AS3 was highly expressed in IMA cells. Additionally, it was identified that the significant down-regulation of HOXC-AS3 obstructed cell proliferation and migration in IMA. As far as mechanism is concerned, it found that HOXC-AS3 recruited FUS to stabilize FOXM1 mRNA, accelerating IMA progression. Taken together, these data suggested that HOXC-AS3 may be recognized as a novel therapeutic target for patients with IMA or at least offer new views for molecular therapy.

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Figure S1.

Functional role of FOXM1 in IMA cells. (A) Knockdown efficiency of FOXM1 in IMA cells (A549, SPC-A1) was confirmed by qRT-PCR, sh-NC as negative control. (B) Cell proliferation was determined using CCK-8 assay following transfection of sh-FOXM1#1, sh-FOXM1#2, sh-NC into A549 and SPC-A1 cells. (C) A549 and SPC-A1 cells were transfected with sh-FOXM1#1, sh-FOXM1#2, sh-NC, and cell apoptotic rate was detected by flow cytometry apoptosis assay. (D, E) A549 and SPC-A1 cell migration and invasion abilities were determined using Transwell assays after transfection with sh-FOXM1#1, sh-FOXM1#2, sh-NC. **P < 0.01. (PNG 270 kb)

Figure S2

IMA cellular processes were changed after silencing of FUS. (A) Knockdown efficiency of FUS in IMA cells (A549, SPC-A1) was confirmed by qRT-PCR, sh-NC as negative control. (B) Cell proliferation was determined using CCK-8 assay following transfection of sh-FUS#1, sh-FUS#2, sh-NC into A549 and SPC-A1 cells. (C) A549 and SPC-A1 cells were transfected with sh-FUS#1, sh-FUS#2, sh-NC and cell apoptotic rate was detected by flow cytometry apoptosis assay. (D, E) A549 and SPC-A1 cell migration and invasion abilities were determined using Transwell assays after transfection with sh-FUS#1, sh-FUS#2, sh-NC. **P < 0.01. (PNG 259 kb)

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