Promoting Resident Well-being Through Programmatic Scheduled Wellness Consultation

  • Jane BroxtermanEmail author
  • Amanda Jobe
  • Debra Altenhofen
  • Leigh Eck
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Emotional challenges are inherent to physician’s work. Burnout and depression are prevalent amongst resident physicians—ranging from 40 to 80%.1 Despite a high prevalence, residents are unlikely to seek help on their own.2 The ACGME has recognized the risk for burnout and depression in residents and they have charged residency programs with the responsibility to address resident well-being.3 Kolarik and colleagues recently showed that resident physicians want their program directors (PD) to inquire about wellness, and they may be more likely to seek and receive help if recommended and facilitated by their PD.2It is important that resident physicians develop a diversity of coping strategies to manage stress, including routine debriefing with psychological support. Furthermore, proactive psychological support of resident physicians may be a mechanism to optimize physician performance—beyond just responding to a crisis. For these reasons, we developed a programmatic...


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