Modern Surgical Techniques in Cytoreductive Surgery

  • Francisco Izquierdo
  • Scott K. Sherman
  • Darryl Schuitevoerder
  • Kiran K. TuragaEmail author
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A change in the cancer treatment paradigm has occurred in the last few years regarding management of peritoneal metastases (PM) from gastrointestinal and gynecological malignancies.1, 2 From being regarded as a terminal condition, advances in understanding tumor biology and peritoneal neoplastic dissemination have prompted3 that isolated PM can be considered a loco-regional entity.4, 5

Two large recent trials re-demonstrated the importance of complete cytoreductive surgery in ovarian and colorectal cancers, two of the most common malignancies that lead to peritoneal metastases.2, 5 Cytoreductive surgery, often confused with surgical “cherry-picking” or limited “debulking,” has rigorous technical and embryological underpinnings and a steep learning curve.

In this technique review, we present modern considerations and pitfalls associated with the performance of peritonectomy. It is important that surgeons familiarize themselves with modern techniques of peritonectomies in...


Peritonectomy Cytoreductive surgery Peritoneal metastases Carcinomatosis 


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Suppl Figure 1. Anterior Peritonectomy (JPG 2069 kb)
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Suppl Figure 2. Completed Left Upper Quadrant Peritonectomy (JPG 1994 kb)
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Suppl Figure 3. Portal Dissection (JPG 2154 kb)
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Suppl Figure 4. Visceral Sparing Pelvic Peritonectomy (JPG 2072 kb)


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