Slow Gait Speed Is a Risk Factor for Complications After Hepatic Resection

  • Shinji ItohEmail author
  • Tomoharu Yoshizumi
  • Kazuhisa Sakata
  • Takashi Motomura
  • Yohei Mano
  • Takeo Toshima
  • Norifumi Harimoto
  • Noboru Harada
  • Toru Ikegami
  • Yuji Soejima
  • Ryuichi Kusaba
  • Takahide Kamishima
  • Akihiro Nishie
  • Yoshihiko Maehara
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The aims of this study were to clarify the relationship of gait speed, hand grip strength, and skeletal muscle mass with complications after hepatic resection and to identify risk factors for complications in patients who underwent hepatic resection.


We evaluated the risk factors for complications after hepatic resection in 154 consecutive patients. Preoperative factors included gait speed, hand grip strength, and skeletal muscle mass. The gait speed and hand grip strength of patients were measured by physical therapists, and skeletal muscle mass was measured by computed tomography. Multivariate logistic regression analyses using preoperative factors were performed to assess predictors of the development of complications after hepatic resection.


Thirty-three patients (21.4%) developed complications after hepatic resection. These patients had a significantly lower serum albumin level (p = 0.015), slower gait speed (p = 0.007), higher rate of hepatic resection ≥ 2 Couinaud segments (p = 0.014), and lower rate of laparoscopic hepatic resection (p = 0.017) than patients without complications. Multivariate analysis revealed that a gait speed ≤ 1.10 m/s and a serum albumin level of ≤ 4.0 g/dl were independent risk factors for complications after hepatic resection.


Slow gait speed and low serum albumin level are significant risk factors for complications after hepatic resection. These data will be helpful for perioperative patient management.


Gait speed Complication Hepatic resection Frailty 



We thank Angela Morben, DVM, ELS, from Edanz Group ( for editing a draft of this manuscript.

Author Contributions

S.I. participated in study conception and design, analysis, and drafting of the article.

T.Y. participated in study conception and design, and critical revision of the manuscript.

K.S. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

T.M. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Y.M. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

T.T. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

N.H. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

N. Harada participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

T.I. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Y.S. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

R.K. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

T.K. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

A.N. participated in acquisition of data, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Y. Maehara participated in critical revision of the manuscript.

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