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Generalized cut and metric polytopes of graphs and simplicial complexes


The metric polytope \({{\mathrm{METP}}}(K_n)\) of the complete graph on n nodes is defined by the triangle inequalities \(x(i,j)\le x(i,k) + x(k,j)\) and \(x(i,j) + x(j,k) + x(k,i)\le 2\) for all triples ijk of \(\{1,\dots ,n\}\). The cut polytope \({{\mathrm{CUTP}}}(K_n)\) is the convex hull of the \(\{0,1\}\) vectors of \({{\mathrm{METP}}}(K_n)\). For a graph G on n vertices the metric polytope \({{\mathrm{METP}}}(G)\) and cut polytope \({{\mathrm{CUTP}}}(G)\) are the projections of \({{\mathrm{METP}}}(K_n)\) and \({{\mathrm{CUTP}}}(K_n)\) on the edge set of G. The facets of the cut polytopes are of special importance in optimization and are studied here in some detail for many simple graphs. Then we define variants \({{\mathrm{QMETP}}}(G)\) for quasi-metrics, i.e. not necessarily symmetric distances and we give an explicit description by inequalities. Finally we generalize distances to m-dimensional area between \(m+1\) points and this defines an hemimetric. In that setting the generalization of the notion of graph is the notion of m-dimensional simplicial complex \({\mathcal {K}}\) for which we define a cone of hemimetric \({{\mathrm{HMET}}}({\mathcal {K}})\).

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The second author gratefully acknowledges support from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and thanks the anonymous referees.

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  • Max-cut problem
  • Cut polytope
  • Metrics
  • Graphs
  • Cycles
  • Quasi-metrics
  • Hemimetrics