On characterized subgroups of \(\pmb {{\mathbb {R}}}\) and \(\pmb {{\mathbb {R}}}/\pmb {{\mathbb {Z}}}\)

  • Hans WeberEmail author


For a real-valued sequence \(\mathbf u \) let \(\tau _\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R})=\{x\in {\mathbb R}: u_nx\rightarrow 0 \text { mod }{\mathbb Z}\}\). In Barbieri et al. (Topol Appl 221:534–555, 2017) there were given conditions which imply that \(\tau _\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R})\nsubseteq \tau _\mathbf{v }({\mathbb R})\). Here we positively answer a question posed in Barbieri et al. (2017) and then in Di Santo et al. (Ric Mat 67:625–655, 2018) showing that these conditions imply that even \((\tau _\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R}):\tau _\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R})\cap \tau _\mathbf{v }({\mathbb R}))>\aleph _0\). Hereby the group \(c_\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R}):=\{x\in {\mathbb R}: (u_nx)_{n\in {\mathbb N}} \text { converges mod }{\mathbb Z}\text { in }{\mathbb R}\}\) plays an important role. We also present some basic properties of \(c_\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R})\), the relationship between \(c_\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R})\) and \(\tau _\mathbf{u }({\mathbb R})\) and the connection between these groups and certain totally bounded group topologies on \({\mathbb Z}\) and \({\mathbb R}\).


Characterized subgroups Convergence modulo 1 of real sequences Totally bounded group topologies Weak inclusion 

Mathematics Subject Classification

22A10 43A40 11K06 


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