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Hierarchical microspheres assembled from Li4Ti5O12-TiO2 nanosheets with advanced lithium ion storage

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Spinal Li4Ti5O12 is considered as an excellent anode material due to its good stability and safety; however, the low electronic conductivity and poor lithium-ion transfer ability restrict the rate performance. In this work, high rate hierarchical microspheres composed of Li4Ti5O12-TiO2 nanosheets (LTO-AT) were prepared by a facile hydrothermal process. Mesopores on the sheets construct transport channels and shorten the transport path length of lithium-ions, lattice disorders and phase boundaries on the nanosheets accelerate lithium-ion migration and provide lithium storage sites. When adopted as anode material, the obtained LTO-AT microsphere shows excellent electrochemical performance, delivering a discharge capacity of 132.1, 112.9, and 97.5 mAh g−1 at 50, 80, and 100 C, respectively. What’s more, the LTO-AT electrode exhibits outstanding cycling performance with a capacity retention of 86.6% after 2000 cycles at 5 C. The excellent charge/discharge ability at high current density and outstanding cycling performance demonstrate that the hierarchical LTO-AT microsphere can be an admirable anode material for high-rate lithium-ion batteries.

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We are grateful for the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51674221 and 51704261) and the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province (B2018203330 and B2018203360).

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