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Fabrication of gel polymer electrolyte with polysulfide immobilization effect for lithium sulfur battery

  • Yan Yuan
  • Dongdong Zheng
  • Zhao FangEmail author
  • Hai LuEmail author
  • Xiaobing Gou
  • Hanmei Liu
  • Manbo Liu
Original Paper


Development of lithium sulfur battery is greatly limited by low sulfur utilization and weak capacity retention, which are mainly due to dissolution and shuttle of intermediate polysulfides in the electrolyte. Herein, a novel gel polymer electrolyte (GPE) consisting of poly (vinylidenefluoride-hexafluoropropylene)/poly (vinylpyrrolidone) (P (VDF-HFP)/PVP) was facilely synthesized and introduced for rechargeable lithium sulfur battery to address above challenges. The polymer matrix owns favorable porous characteristic, high electrolyte uptake, enough electrochemical stability, and good compatibility with metallic Li. What is more, it provides a dual diffusion limitation strategy based on physical blockage and chemical interaction, effectively suppressing the migration of soluble polysulfides. The Li/S cell sandwiching the as-prepared GPE exhibits remarkably improved electrochemical performance.


Lithium sulfur battery P (VDF-HFP) PVP Gel polymer electrolyte Polymer membrane Polysulfide 



This work was financially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51704222, 51604221 and 51574191), Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China (No. 2016JQ5040), and Special Scientific Research Program of Education Department of Shaanxi in China (No. 17JK0427).


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  1. 1.School of Metallurgical EngineeringXi’an University of Architecture and TechnologyXi’anChina
  2. 2.School of Materials Science and EngineeringXi’an University of Science and TechnologyXi’anChina

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