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Enhanced photoelectrochemical oxidation of alkali water over cobalt phosphate (Co-Pi) catalyst-modified ZnLaTaON2 photoanodes

  • Maged N. Shaddad
  • Prabhakarn ArunachalamEmail author
  • Abdullah M. Al-Mayouf
  • Mohamed A. Ghanem
  • Abdulrahman I. Alharthi
Original Paper


Zinc lanthanum tantalum oxynitride [ZnLaTaON2] powders were synthesized by conventional solid state reaction. ZnLaTaON2 photoelectrodes were prepared by electrophoretic deposition of ZnLaTaON2 suspension in acetone onto ITO substrate. The photoelectrodes of ZnLaTaON2 were established to reveal photoelectrochemical properties for water oxidation reaction. Moreover, a cobalt phosphate (Co-Pi) was loaded on ZnLaTaON2 photoelectrodes via photodeposition method to enhance the photoelectrochemical water oxidation performances. Photocurrent voltage characteristics of the Co-Pi/ZnLaTaON2 photoelectrodes were enhanced with its effect which is more evidenced at lower water oxidation potentials. A relatively stable photocurrent density of 5 mA/cm2 at 1.5 V vs RHE was attained with the support of electron donor in alkaline phosphate solution. Comparatively, in Co-Pi/ZnLaTaON2 photoelectrodes, approximately threefold enhancement was noticed at 1.8 VRHE in assessment with parent photoelectrode. On the other hand, Co-Pi/ZnLaTaON2 photoelectrodes have been shown as an alternative pathway to improve the photoelectrochemical current gain through the PEC water oxidation reaction.


Photoelectrochemistry Cobalt phosphate Water oxidation Electrophoresis 


Funding information

The authors would like to extend their sincere appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Saud University for funding this research group No. RG-1438-087.

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The authors declare no conflict of interest.

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  • Maged N. Shaddad
    • 1
  • Prabhakarn Arunachalam
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    Email author
  • Abdullah M. Al-Mayouf
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  • Mohamed A. Ghanem
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  • Abdulrahman I. Alharthi
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  2. 2.The Department of Chemistry, College of Science and HumanitiesPrince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz UniversityAL-KharjSaudi Arabia

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