Up-to-date imaging review of paediatric soft tissue vascular masses, focusing on sonography

  • Paolo TomàEmail author
  • Francesco Esposito
  • Claudio Granata
  • Guglielmo Paolantonio
  • Maria Chiara Terranova
  • Giuseppe Lo Re
  • Dolores Ferrara
  • Massimo Rollo
  • Massimo Zeccolini
  • Sergio Salerno


The purpose of this article is to provide an up-to-date overview on imaging of paediatric vascular soft tissue masses, including both neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions. We describe the—often challenging-imaging diagnosis—mainly performed by ultrasound (and secondarily by MRI) and differential diagnosis of vascular soft tissue lesions in children. We underline how important it is to determine whether a vascular anomaly has a regional vascular origin, or if there are other entities, ranging from benign to malignant lesions, which have flow-signal or blood degradation products. Even though clinical examination and patient’s history are the first and indispensable steps in the initial diagnosis, the role of imaging is crucial, not only to determine whether a mass represents a true tumour/pseudo-tumour, but also to achieve a more correct diagnosis and determine the extension of the tumour/pseudo-tumour and its relation with the nearby anatomic structures.


Soft tissue Tumour Pseudo-tumour Vascular malformation Vascular tumour Children Paediatric 


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