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Leadership Development through Organizational Efforts: Reflection by Interns at the 2018 Association for Educational Communications and Technology International Convention

  • Lin ZhongEmail author
  • Lucas Vasconcelos
  • Miaoting Cheng
  • Sean Jackson
Column: Graduate Member Musings

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology Internship Program

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Leadership Development Internship Program is designed to nurture individuals with potential to provide future leadership for AECT and across the workforce. It recognizes emerging leaders and provides opportunities for further development of necessary leadership competency. Most AECT Leadership Development Interns are graduate students; occasionally early career professionals are also selected to participate in the program.

The AECT Leadership Development Internship Program consists of Strohbehn/Cochran Internship Program and Jenny Johnson Internship Program. Back in 1923, Lee W. Cochran, the Director of the Audiovisual Center at the University of Iowa, provided funding to develop leaders in the educational communications and technology field. In 1978, through AECT Foundation, Earl F. Strohbehn, the Director of Audiovisual Services in the...



Dr. Charles Wang of Florida Gulf Coast University was responsible for organzing this column entry. His support of the graduate students and the Graduate Member Musings column is much appreciated!

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