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Editor’s Notes

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Editor’s Notes

I hope 2019 is going to be a great year for you! This first issue of TechTrends for 2019 is a special issue sponsored by the AECT Division of Emerging Learning Technologies. Guest editors John H. Curry and Pamela Ponners have put together a great issue for you. You will find more information about the issue in their Guest Editors’ Notes. I appreciate all they did over several months to make this issue a reality, and I know you do too!

In addition to the special issue content, this issue includes some of our regular columns. Be sure to read the Rethinking Technology & Creativity in the twenty-first Century, History Corner, Graduate Member Musings, Leading Matters, and Book Reviews. I hope you enjoy the issue!

The 2019 volume year will consist of three special issues and three regular issues. The May issue is a special issue from the AECT International Division and the September issue is an issued themed on mobile learning in teacher education. There were more manuscripts submitted to TechTrends in 2018 than any recent year. It is wonderful to have so many authors from around the globe selecting the journal as an outlet for their work.

As always, if you are interested in submitting a manuscript to TechTrends, or if you want to be a reviewer, please contact me. Make sure to cite TechTrends articles in your work, when it makes sense. Citing TechTrends increases the visibility of the journal, AECT, and the good work that our authors create. Encourage your colleagues to submit their work to TechTrends, to cite TechTrends, and to consider joining AECT! If you have a question about the journal, my phone number is 912–478-0497 and my email is Email is always the best way to reach me. Also, you can follow TechTrends on Facebook ( or on Twitter: @AECTTechTrends.


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