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Volunteering at the AECT Convention: My Perspective

  • Sharon Flynn StidhamEmail author
Column: Graduate Member Musings

What Led Me to Volunteer

In January of 2018, I joined AECT – it was my first semester of my IDT doctoral program in Virginia Tech – at the request of former AECT president, and professor extraordinaire, Dr. Barbara Lockee. When I first heard mention of the 2018 AECT Convention, it was in the context of my entire department announcing that classes would not be held during the week of the convention. So, naturally, my interest was piqued. All of my esteemed professors were excited about the many sessions and meetings that they would attend – how could I not be excited too? When I went onto the website, I was equally excited, until I saw the cost. Then, I saw that volunteers got a reduced rate, and I was ready to rock. When my application to act as a Skilled Volunteer was accepted, I was over the moon. I have organized, run, and worked conventions before, so I knew I could do this, no matter what was thrown at me.

Offering to volunteer is a serious commitment, especially when the event is...


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