Environmental Psychology and Quality of Life Research

Ghozlane Fleury-Bahi, Enric Pol, Oscar Navarro. International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life: Graciela Tonon, Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora and Universidad de Palermo, Argentina.V+573 pp”: “ISBN 978-3-319- 31414-3 ISBN 978-3-319-31416-7 (eBook)
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This book is about the facts and the links between the atmosphere and class of life. The different chapters of the book show the relationship between the “environment” and “quality of life” from the multiple viewpoints of “psychological and psychosocial development of the people” that are ground to quality of life and the well-being. The book is structured in different parts and sections. Main sections part I to part VIII consist of 8 subsections and 30 chapters. The first section deals with the main variable “people” and “environment” with their “relationships” on the “quality of life.” The author builds a relationship with different living spaces from the local level to the country and the world. The quality of life is the concept which is relative to human social science and health.

In the introduction of this environmental psychology and quality of life, the author defines a situation in which relationship between the individual, “environment and quality of life” takes place. This...


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