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Carrier Dynamics in Ultrathin Gold Nanowires: Role of Auger Processes

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Carrier dynamics in metallic nanostructures is strongly influenced by their confining dimensions. Gold nanoparticles of size \(\sim ~2\) nm which fill the transition space separating metallic and non-metallic behavior. In this work, we report carrier dynamics in high aspect ratio ultrathin gold nanowires (Au-UNWs) of average diameter \(\sim \) 2 nm using pump (3.1 eV) and coherent white light continuum as probe in the spectral range of 1.15 to 2.75 eV. The transient carrier dynamics in Au-UNWs under extreme excitation regime is slower than predicted by the often used two-temperature model. We identify Auger-assisted carrier heating process which slows down the hot carrier cooling dynamics. The rate equation model fitted to the data yields an estimate of Auger coefficient for gold nanostructures.

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GP is thankful to Satyendra, Mithun, and Vikas for their help during PL and time-resolved measurements.


This study is supported by the Department of Science and Technology, India under the Nanomission Project for financial support.

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Correspondence to A. K. Sood.

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  • Ultrathin nanowires
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