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A Narrow Spectrum Terahertz Emitter Based on Graphene Photoconductive Antenna

  • G. Jemima NissiyahEmail author
  • M. Ganesh Madhan


Many terahertz applications such as sensing, imaging, and spectroscopy require coherent terahertz (THz) sources. A basic Ti-Au dipole antenna on GaAs substrate is designed initially and it is enhanced into a photoconductive antenna for terahertz emission. A spectral width of 120 GHz is obtained from the emission spectrum. In order to compare the spectral characteristics, a graphene dipole antenna is designed on the same substrate. It is observed that graphene dipole yields a narrower spectral width of 70 GHz, due to its high Q factor. Spectral width of the graphene dipole antenna is further made narrow to 25 GHz, by incorporating a λ/4 stub on the stripline to produce a filtering operation. The antenna provides a directivity of 6.14 dBi with stub which shows an improvement of 0.3 dB when compared with an antenna without stub.


Graphene Terahertz emitters Femtosecond lasers Photoconduction THz sensing Narrowband Stub 


Funding Information

One of the authors, G. Jemima Nissiyah, received financial support for this research work from “Visvesvaraya PhD scheme of Electronics and IT” (Lr.No.PhD-MLA/ 4(65)/2015-16/01, dt.16.03.2016), DeitY.


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