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Farfield Under Small Scattering Angle in the Rectangular Ag–Si–SiO2 Cavity

  • Shu Li
  • Yang Zou
  • Huang-qing LiuEmail author
  • Shu-gui Chong
  • Yan-ping Xiao
  • Li-qun Wen


In this paper, the farfield under small scattering angle was investigated in the rectangular Ag–Si–SiO2 cavity by FDTD. The simulation results showed that Re(E) of the farfield was related to the monitoring wavelength and was a function of monitoring wavelengths. Moreover, in the rectangular Ag–Si–SiO2 cavity, the amplitude of Re(E) changed as the silicon height d varied, and maximum amplitude A of Re(E) could be approximated as the functions of transverse length l and thickness t of silver film under small scattering angle. Re(E) was independent of the transverse length w2 and the longitudinal length d of the cavity in RCM and was also irrelevant with the dielectric constant of silver films. The amplitude A of Re(E) increased as l and t of silver film increased.


Farfield Small scattering angle Ag–Si–SiO2 Rectangular cavity 


Funding information

This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos 61505052, 11074069, 61176116, and 51571088)


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  2. 2.ChangshaChina

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