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Novel SPP Nanolaser with Two Modes of Electromagnetic for Optoelectronic Integration Device

  • Jun ZhuEmail author
  • Zhengjie Xu


Surface plasmon polariton (SPP) nanolaser, which can achieve all-optical circuits, is a major research topic in the field of micro light source. In this work, we proposed a novel double-mode SPP nanolaser which is consisted of InGaAsP high-index dielectric, Ag metal, and T-shape MgF2 low-index dielectric. The best performances of the proposed waveguide can be obtained in the conditions of λ = 675 nm, R = 70 nm, Gap = 3 nm, and w = 2 nm, which is corresponded the incident wavelength, radius of nanowires, gap, and width, respectively. In that conditions, the mode area and threshold can be reached at 0.05 λ2 and 1.23 × 104 cm−1. Furthermore, the propagation distance and the confinement factor can reach 1200 nm and 0.33, respectively. It shows that the proposed device has significant potential in ultrahigh density plasmonic and photonic integrated circuit.


SPP nanolayer Multiple plasmonic modes Waveguide 



This work was supported by supported by the Guangxi Natural Science Foundation (2017GXNSFAA198261).


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  1. 1.College of Electronic EngineeringGuangxi Normal UniversityGuilinChina

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