Alicia Caporaso, Editor: Formation Processes of Maritime Archaeological Landscapes

Springer Press, New York, NY, Hardcover, 220 pp, $139.99, ISBN 13: 978-3-319-48786-1
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Alicia Caporaso’s edited volume Formation Processes of Maritime Archaeological Landscapes is an important new exploration of the ever-widening approaches available to maritime archaeologists interested in conceptualizing and characterizing landscapes and seascapes. The volume emerges from a Society for American Archaeology symposium on the theme of the formation of maritime sites and landscapes held at the University of Leicester in 2013, which has culminated in a book with ten sections comprising an introduction, eight substantive chapters of broad geographical spread and thematic content, and a concluding chapter.

Caporaso opens with an introduction rich with theoretical analogs and thought-provoking concepts about how scholars can formulate questions about the landscapes they study. Ideas about the ownership of landscape, landscape decay, and the domestication of space, are proposed alongside thoughts about the codification (or reification) of landscape into urban and rural spheres....


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