Thermally activated flux flow, vortex-glass phase transition and the mixed-state Hall effect in 112-type iron pnictide superconductors

  • XiangZhuo Xing
  • ZhanFeng Li
  • XiaoLei Yi
  • JiaJia Feng
  • ChunQiang Xu
  • Nan Zhou
  • Yan Meng
  • YuFeng Zhang
  • YongQiang Pan
  • LingYao Qin
  • Wei Zhou
  • HaiJun Zhao
  • ZhiXiang ShiEmail author


The transport properties in the mixed state of high-quality Ca0.8La0.2Fe0.98Co0.02As2 single crystal, a newly discovered 112-type iron pnictide superconductor, are comprehensively studied by magneto-resistivity measurement. The field-dependent activation energy, U0, is derived in the framework of thermally activated flux flow (TAFF) theory, yielding a power law dependence U0~Hα with a crossover at a magnetic field around 2 T in both Hab and H//ab, which is ascribed to the different pinning mechanisms. Moreover, we have clearly observed the vortex phase transition from vortex-glass to vortex-liquid according to the vortex-glass model, and vortex phase diagrams are constructed for both Hab and H//ab. Finally, the results of mixed-state Hall effect show that no sign reversal of transverse resistivity ρxy(H) is detected, indicating that the Hall component arising from the vortex flow is also negative based on the time dependent Ginzburg-Landau (TDGL) theory. Meanwhile, the transverse resistivity ρxy(H) and the longitudinal resistivity ρxx(H) follow the relation |ρxy(H)|=xx(H)β well with an exponent β~2.0, which is in line with the results in theories or experiments previously reported on some high-Tc cuprates.


thermally activated flux flow vortex-glass transition mixed-state Hall effect 112-type iron pnictide superconductors 


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