Quasi-degenerate dark matter for DAMPE excess and 3.5 keV line

  • Pei-Hong GuEmail author


We propose a quasi-degenerate dark matter scenario to simultaneously explain the 1.4 TeV peak in the high-energy cosmic-ray electron-positron spectrum reported by the DAMPE collaboration very recently and the 3.5 keV X-ray line observed in galaxies clusters and from the Galactic centre and confirmed by the Chandra and NuSTAR satellites. We consider a dark SU(2)' × U(1)' gauge symmetry under which the dark matter is a Dirac fermion doublet composed of two SU(2)' doublets with non-trivial U(1)' charges. At the one-loop level the two dark fermion components can have a mass split as a result of the dark gauge symmetry breaking. Through the exchange of a mediator scalar doublet the two quasi-degenerate dark fermions can mostly annihilate into the electron-positron pairs at the tree level for explaining the 1.4 TeV positron anomaly, meanwhile, the heavy dark fermion can very slowly decay into the light dark fermion with a photon at the one-loop level for explaining the 3.5 keV X-ray line. Our dark fermions can be also verified in the direct detection experiments.


dark matter DAMPE excess 3.5 keV line 


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