Investigations of an enclosed annular rotor-stator system with LES method

  • Zhe Jiao
  • Song FuEmail author


In this study, the flows in an enclosed annular rotor-stator system with the Reynolds number ranging from 0.75×105 to 3.75×105 and an aspect ratio of 36.5 are investigated using the LES method. Few studies have explored such a rotor-stator system with this aspect ratio and the flow structure on the rotor side. The mean flow structure varies from a torsional Couette type to a Batchelor type as the Reynolds number increases. The onset of the instability in the Bödewadt layer adjacent to the stator is delayed, whereas it is promoted in the Ekman layer adjacent to the rotor. Both the layers demonstrate rich spiral structures. Turbulent spirals are observed to occur at the rotor disk side that also generates TS-wave-like (Tollmien-Schlichting) structures between adjacent spiral arms. Further, the turbulence at the stator is complex and interesting. Statistically, the turbulence is highly anisotropic near both the rotating and nonrotating disks, which is depicted by the Reynolds stresses.


rotating flow rotor-stator system large eddy simulation anisotropic turbulence Ekman-Bödewadt layers 


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  1. 1.School of Aerospace EngineeringTsinghua UniversityBeijingChina

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