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The Scientific Basis for Modern Physical Therapy

  • Charles N. CornellEmail author

Welcome to volume 15, issue 3, of HSS Journal®. In this issue, we present a special section that provides our readership the opportunity to explore the efforts by our physical therapy (PT) colleagues to explore the scientific basis of modern physical therapy practice. I direct you to the guest editorial by JeMe Cioppa-Mosca, MBA, who is the vice president of Rehabilitation at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Her editorial provides a brief overview of the history of PT, in general and at HSS, and she introduces her colleagues who have contributed to this issue. In helping to put this special issue together, I was rewarded to discover how our PT colleagues are endeavoring to apply basic research principles to develop new approaches to their practice, as well as to apply the promising new technologies that are becoming available for both physical assessment and measurement. I am sure you will find these reports interesting and enlightening.

We also offer continuing medical education credit for an article by Schumaier and colleagues that explores the process of clinical decision-making when approaching management of rotator cuff tears and two articles addressing current topics in total joint replacement.

I am grateful to Cioppa-Mosca and her colleagues for helping to broaden the scope of our journal. I hope you enjoy learning of the effort our PT colleagues are applying to develop an evidence basis for their approach to care.


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