Appreciation to Reviewers


With this issue, the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research (JBHS&R) concludes its 46th year of publication. I am very grateful to all of the authors, reviewers, and JBHS&R Editorial Board members for their exceptional contributions to this peer-reviewed publication.

Editing and publishing an academic journal is an amazingly complex endeavor that involves working with a critical mass of fascinating, highly creative, well-educated, and very productive assemblage of brilliant individuals. Certainly, the JBHS&R could not exist without the manuscript authors, the JBHS&R Editorial Board members, and the Ad Hoc External Manuscript Reviewers.

At this time, I would like to recognize and articulate my profound gratitude to the individuals who and organizations that provide support for this scholarly publishing initiative: Ms. Linda Rosenberg, Mr. Neal Cornstock, and Ms. Mary Johnson at the National Council for Behavioral Health; Dr. Mario Hernandez and Ms. Amanda Armstrong at the...


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