Thanks to our Reviewers

Thanks to our Reviewers

We would like to gratefully acknowledge all reviewers for their time and expertise so generously given to the peer review of manuscripts in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment in 2018. We truly appreciate their continued support and commitment in helping us maintain and improve the quality of our journal

Achten Wouter

Adewumi Ife

Adibi Naeem

Adler Paul

Adnan Nadia

Afrane George

Ager-Wick Ellingsen Linda

Alyaseri Isam

Alyaseri Isam

Amor Ben

Anand Chirjiv

Andrae Anders

Andrews Deborah

Arbuckle Peter

Arcese Gabriella

Arcese Gabriella

Ardente Fulvio

Ardolino Filomena

Arteaga-Perez Luis

Arvesen Anders

Arvidsson Rickard

Askham Cecilia

Astudillo Miguel

Aubin Joel

Auer Johannes

Avadí Angel

Awuah-Offei Kwame

AzariJafari Hessam

Bacenetti Jacopo

Baitz Martin

Bajaj Sanjeevan

Baker Hannah

Ballen Sergio

Banar Müfide

Barbarossa Valerio

Bare Jane

Barjoveanu George

Basset-Mens Claudine

Bauer Christian

Benedetto Graziella

Benoit Gabrielle

Beretta Claudio

Berger Markus

Bertram Marlen



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