Nele Noesselt, Ed., Governance Innovation and Policy Change: Recalibrations of Chinese Politics Under Xi Jinping

(Rowman & Littlefield,2018), 209 P. $95.00 Hardback; $90.00 e Book
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It is well-known to the China watchers that Chinese political history has seen cycles of centralization-decentralization and recentralization. The ruling elite has always grappled with the debate of jiquan versus fenquan and the accompanying impact of the choices exercised on policy making. Ever since the amendment of the 1982 constitution granting Xi Jinping the power to continue as the General secretary and President for life, there has been lot of scholarly debate and discussion as regards its rationale and impact on Chinese policymaking. There is widespread consensus that the Xi Jinping era is characterized by recentralization, but scholarly community is debating its ramifications on the Chinese polity. The book is an endeavor to look at the current phase of recentralization against the larger canvas of Chinese politics dotted by issues which have hindered a nuanced understanding of Chinese politics.

The book is divided to three portions. The first part covers some of the...

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