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Book Review for Jianyong Yue, China’s Rise in the Age of Globalization: Myth or Reality?

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 386p. $129.00 eBook; $169 Hardcopy
  • Xiaoguang WangEmail author
Book Review

Published in 2018, the beginning of trade wars between China and the Global West, China’s Rise in the Age of Globalization: Myth or Reality?evaluates the impact of China’s bid for the WTO membership. The goal of this timely book is to analyze the political rationale of the “Chinese Economic Miracle” triggered by Beijing’s access to the global capitalism system after the demise of the Soviet Bloc. Yue starts with the Chinese echo to the “end of history” discourse raised by Francis Fukuyama, and subsequently develops the analysis of the background, bargaining (both domestic and interstate) and decision rationality of China’s move to the WTO, and finally sharply questions the role of the “Chinese Economic Miracle” or “China Model” in forming a sustainable economic prospect and democratic political foundation. In the theoretical orientation, the analytical perspective of the book is obviously influenced by development economics, economic nationalism and critical left-wing international...

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