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Will Trading with “the Enemy” Come to an End?

Hugo Meijer: Trading With the Enemy: The Making of U.S. Export Control Policy Toward the People’s Republic of China, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, 416 pp., $111 Hardback, ISBN-13: 9780190277697
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Book Review

Hugo Meijer’s Trading with the Enemy is a timely book against the backdrop that China and the United States, the two largest economies which are economically intertwined but strategically competitive, are waging trade war. The overarching theme of this book revolves around how the balance between national security and economic interests in the making of US export control policy toward China has evolved in the post-Cold War era. The US has grappled with the security versus economic interest dilemma in that it has to make a trade-off between economic interests stemming from exporting high technologies, and national security due to potential transfers of sensitive technologies. In particular, the author analyzes what accounts for such divergent trends in US export control – more restrictive policies pertaining to space technologies, on the one hand, and the less restricted information and communication technologies on the other.

Such a topic deserves studying because the making of...

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