Correction to: Intelligent-activated carbon prepared from pistachio shells precursor for effective adsorption of heavy metals from industrial waste of copper mine

  • Vajihe NejadshafieeEmail author
  • Mohammad Reza Islami

Correction to: Environmental Science and Pollution Research

The original publication of this paper contains a mistake.

The correct figure images are presented in this paper.

Scheme 1

The general route for the preparation of AC, MAC, and H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Scheme 2

Proposed mechanism for the chelation of Cu(II) onto H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 1

TEM images of a AC-H, b MAC, and c H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 2

FT-IR spectra of a AC, b MAC, c H2NSO3-MAC NCs, and d H2NSO3-MAC NCs-Cu(II)

Fig. 3

XRD patterns of a AC-H, b MAC and H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 4

Magnetization curves of MAC and H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 5

TGA plots of a AC-H, MAC, and H2NSO3-MAC NCs and b H2NSO3-MAC NCs-Cu

Fig. 6

N2 adsorption-desorption isotherms for a AC-H and b H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 7

EDS pattern of a H2NSO3-MAC NCs and b H2NSO3-MAC NCs-Cu

Fig. 8

The 3D plots exhibit the effect of a dosage of H2NSO3-MAC NCs and Cu(II) concentration, b dosage of H2NSO3-MAC NCs and contact time, and c Cu(II) concentration and contact time

Fig. 9

Effect of pH on adsorption behavior of Cu(II) onto MAC and H3NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 10

Zeta potential of MAC and H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 11

Adsorption kinetic of Cu(II) on H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 12

Kinetic adsorption of Cu(II) ions on H2NSO3-MAC NCs: a pseudo-first-order model and b pseudo-second-order models model

Fig. 13

Effect of temperature on adsorption capacity of H2NSO3-MAC NCs for Cu(II) ions (Ci = 60 mg L−1, M/V= 0.6 g L−1, t = 180 min, pH = 6.5)

Fig. 14

Adsorption isotherms of Cu(II) ions on the AC-H, MAC, and H2NSO3-MAC NCs

Fig. 15

a Langmuir, b Freundlich, c Temkin, and d DR isotherms for the adsorption of Cu(II) ions onto AC-H, MAC and H2NSO3-MAC NCs

The original article was corrected.

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  2. 2.Central LabShahid Bahonar University of KermanKermanIran

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