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Double dielectric barrier discharge cells for promoting the catalytic degradation of volatile organic compound released by industrial processes

  • Shuo Zhang
  • Xinjun Shen
  • Jiyan LiangEmail author
Research Article


In this study, the recycling of gas flow was added to oxidize mixture (toluene and xylene) in the post-plasma catalysis (PPC) system, and the MnOx catalysts using impregnation method were used to further oxidize the VOC mixture. The circulation and catalysts were of enhancement for the plasma degradation on both toluene and xylene. The improvement of CO2 selectivity and the reduction of NO, NO2, and O3 were 64.4%, 92.0%, 62.2%, and 51.9%, respectively. The fresh and used catalysts were characterized for the ozone decomposition and mixture degradation in the NTP-REC-CATAL system with the 15 wt% loading amount of catalysts. The results showed that OH groups, lattice oxygen, and manganese sites were potential and significant for the catalytic ability for O3 and mixture conversion. Aldehyde was detected from FT-IR characterization after treating, which indicates that it is the main intermediate NTP-REC-CATAL process. The air plasma was employed to reactive catalytic activity.


PPC system Circulation VOC mixture degradation Ozone oxidation Catalytic activity 



This study was sponsored by Liaoning BaiQianWan Talents Program for financial support. The authors greatly acknowledge Liaoning Province Charity Fund Project (GY-2017-0013) and Shenyang Science and Technology Plan Project (17-231-1-19). And the authors also thank our colleagues and other students for their participating in this work.


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